ONEHOP - Bringing your local retailer online!

While the labels have their portals and platforms, your favourite Amdavadi retailer goes amiss! Which finally asks for your visit, hopping from store to store to come across the perfect set-piece! Well, what if we tell you that you could purchase the best of products from your favourite local store on a platform that can be accessed virtually anywhere, to discover, collaborate and explore a local store’s inventory?
That is what ONEHOP is all about! Download their application now to browse 100+ fashion  stores from Ahmedabad:

From the time you log-in, you are in for an experience, that makes your 'window shopping' - easy for, ONEHOP lets you:
Well, that comes easy from the time that you log onto ONEHOP for, at the touch of your fingers, you get to browse the best of products in the latest trends that are in vogue.
Communication cannot get easier than this for, where else could you get your hands on a platform wherein having a chat or giving a call is just a tap away. More so, you also get notified on their latest stock since it reflects the real-time updated inventory, for you to partake in.
Size issues? Not comfortable enough? Well, you could always make your way down to their store for a thorough customization.
Though each and every retailer is thoroughly verified, add on reviews of your friends & family will surely lure you in to make your purchases.
Well, that is the key; Isn't it? Be it your favourite jewellery, the most fashion savvy designer, one of the foremost local footwear label or just about anything and everything local, you can purchase them all only on ONEHOP.
More so, ONEHOP is indeed a dream come true for a small, local retail stores for, it enables them to connect with their loyal customer base through a mobile platform that’s easy, instant and engaging.
Being a retailer, it will provide you with insightful information about marketing campaigns, customer behaviors, trending items through a simple interface, which will also let you customize and personalize a buyer’s interest. To register your store, simply drop an email to
Well, what's keeping you from, exploring your local fashion hubs in the form of ONEHOP? Available at your fingertips, all for FREE on the Google Playstore & App Store. Cheers.

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