Open from 7 am to 1 am - 7ONE! (Serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream)

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Starting right from 7 in the morning, till 1 in the night, you can now gorge on the BEST of Vegetarian Delicacies at 7ONE, all at Shop 5, G.F. 3rd Eye Two Complex, Panchvati Junction, opp Parimal Garden. C G Road, Ahmedabad
Psssttt. Did we tell you that they are THE ONLY PLACE in Gujarat to serve LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM!
(They also deliver till 12 in the night! Call: 7575808080)

Hungry at 7 am but, don't have the right place in mind?
Hungry at 1 pm but, don't know where to eat healthy food?
Hungry at 5 pm but, the restaurants have shut doors?
Hungry at 9 pm but, can't take a gamble with your family?
Hungry at 1 am but, worried about lightening your pockets?
A one-stop-solution to it all is 7ONE!

Decked up like a 'brasserie style' eatery with a seating arrangement for 110 people, 7ONE offers an understated, casual feel about it. The decor is well thought out with subtle colours plastered along-with unobtrusive lighting, leading to a thorough enjoyment, when dining.

With a 43 Page Menu that starts at just Rs 15, 7ONE covers just about each and every cuisine as well as delicacies, that caters to your palette. Be it, Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Chaats, Bhaji Pav, Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese and even Swedish!

To kick off proceedings, we were served an assortment of fresh fruit beverages, instantly feeling  at ease.
Moving onto the quintessential meal that just about every Amdavadi love - VADA PAV! Worried about the exorbitant cost and thinking, what laari serves a sasta version? Well, hear (read) this! The Vadapav, served with mixed Chutneys and a fried Green Chilli, is up for grab for a bargain price of Rs 25! Where was the last time, you could indulge in the same in a fancy setup at that great deal, for that great a taste!

More from their widespread list was their MASALA DOSA, a lovely classic delicacy served with assorted Chutneys and Sambhar, that is bound to be loved by all; Followed by succulent Panner in the form of an TANDOORI PANEER TIKKA, offering marinated Cottage Cheese, chargrilled in Tandoor!

Pricing, is one of their many fortes since, 7ONE believes in only serving up the very best without exorbitant rates! Need proof? Pick any choose any of their platters and you are in for tummy filling meal that starts at just Rs 160! May it be their VEG MANCHURIAN PLATTER, with Wok tossed Veg Fried Rice, served with Manchurian Curry; Or even their PARATHA PLATTER, that comprises of a stuffed Paratha served with a Pickle, Papad, and a house special Bengal Gram Curry! Of the choicest options, their RAJMA PARATHA is indeed a First, that we have heard of in the city.

On the continental side of things was their wonder of a Burger in the form of an XTREME BURGER, loaded with a double patty with the goodness of Mozzarella, Barbecue Sauce, sauteed Mushrooms, and juicy Pickles. What followed was their FARMHOUSE SUPREME PIZZA, that is indeed a mouth-watering treat for Veggie lovers that comes in the option of a Thin Crust, Regular Base as well a Cheese Burst! The Pizza is loaded with crisp Capsicum, crunchy Onions, fresh Babycorn, juicy Tomatoes, exotic Black Olives, tangy Gherkins, with extra Cheese to go with it. Truly a feast!

Heading towards Europe, we indulged in their ITALIAN SIZZLER, a hearty combination of Penne tossed in a robust Mushroom and black Pepper Sauce, Zucchini Pancakes, buttered Veggies, and perfectly baked Potatoes. Scrumptious to say the least!

Off the many highlights that the restaurant boasts of, one is it calling itself a Fresh Food Restaurant and rightly so for, on closer inspection we noticed that NONE of their ingredients are frozen. Let alone the vegetables but, even the gravies are cooked fresh every day! The restaurant easily eradicates the mentality that, "you can't eat out everyday" for, the ditto ingredients that you will find at the restaurateur's home, or even your home for that matter, is what you will find here.
More so, with such a thoroughly hygienic environment, 7ONE also provides TIFFIN SERVICES as well, to make sure that you gorge on homely food! after all who doesn't crave a fresh meal made from the choicest of ingredients. You can either opt for a Punjabi platter or simply gorge on their Gujarati affair, that is bound to help you reminisce meals at your grandmother's house. The eatery also offers the said meal from, 11 am to 3 pm for you to indulge in a healthy, homely lunch.

And if your hunger pangs still don't curb, then you could always opt for their UNLIMITED BARBECUE BUFFET that starts at Rs 350, while offering A Welcome Drink, Choice of Soup, 4 Starters, Vegetable Curry, Paneer Curry, Green Salad, Papad, Pickle, Rice, Dal, Choice of Pasta, Choice of Noodles, and a dessert!

Speaking of desserts, onto the BEST Part of it all, their Ice Cream, or should I say LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM! Before I get into the taste, it is a sheer beauty to simply witness it's preparation! The super cool gas blows into a bowlful to churn out FRESH Ice Cream right in front of your eyes that can be customised as per your will!
No sugar? Done.
More Sugar? Done.
Sugar Free? Done.
With a Fresh scope made every time you order, you come across ice crystals for, the silky smooth Ice Cream has a thorough consistency till the very end.

*ssiiiiiigggggghhhhhh* What's keeping you now, huh? Go!

Address: Shop 5, G.F. 3rd Eye Two Complex, Panchvati Junction, opp Parimal Garden, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-7575808080

Timings: 7 am to 1 am

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates:

Tags: Open from 7 am to 1 am - 7ONE! (Serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream)

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