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“Oye Balle Balle”, the newest entrant in the food scene at Bhukkhad Gali. The name and the smiling sardar logo surely stand out and is enough to let you know that this one’s serving you North Indian cuisine. But then is it good enough? Will it be even close to authenticity or will it be a bad experience?

7 out of 10 wagons at Bhukkhad gali serve you Italian, Mexican or likewise, but then very few that serve you Punjabi food. So Oye Balle Balle scores on that part. It’s one of the very rare food wagon that serves you Punjabi food. Now onto the essential part, the food experience.

As it’s with any wagon at the spot, Oye Balle Balle has its sitting arranged in pretty much the same way. Plastic moulded chairs and tables, nothing beyond. We parked ourselves on one of the table and let the owner decide on what he was treating us with.First on the menu were the paratha’s. They serve over 30 varieties of paratha and each one with a distinct flavour.  It was time for us to test their claims.

Parathas | Cheese Butter Masala & Amritsari Paratha

The very first slice of the paratha and I was immediately ported to the hinterlands of North India. Paratha is more of a snack for those up North and I had my fair share of this snack and based upon my experience with Parathas, I was more than delighted to have a more authentic taste in Ahmedabad. After much a wait for relishing authentic Paratha’s, I was elated to experience one.

Served with curd and pickle the accompaniments seemed to complete the entire presentation and the feel of the much favoured north indian meal.

Subzi | Dum aloo

Served with sufficient slices of plain paratha, this was by far the best Dum Aloo I had ever had at Ahmedabad. The spices were tad perfect, the potatoes nicely cooked and tender. There is this overwhelming essence of the North Indian style cooking that one immediately feels while relishing this awesome dish.  

Rice Preparations | Rajma Chawal

Ask any one craving to have something from the North Indian menu and the immediate response would be Rajma Chawal. And at Oye Balle Balle, Rajma Chawal are the perfect way to answer to those asking, why Rajma Chawal? Prepared in onion gravy (Thankfully not in tomato gravy), the dish screams authenticity from the very first morsel. For those fans of Rajma Chawal, it’s a must indulgence.

Verdict |

Oye Balle Balle definitely gets a big thumps up from CityShor for the authentic taste that it caters to its customers. For many North Indians living in the city and many more who prefer the cuisine, this place is a blessing. What more, its only veg.

On the lighter side, any better and authentic and it would have to be my mom cooking it.  

Address: Bhukkhad Gali, CEPT | Contact: 7600366466

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