Paper Sentiments - not literally!

What are you doing tomorrow? Not sure?

Well, here's one place which we don't want you to miss. It’s one ideal thing to be gifted irrespective of occasion or relationship. If you have bought that little flower for her/him, or an expensive gift for your beloved, or if you have got that hamper for your sister, make sure to pair it with what is being exhibited tomorrow. We are talking about that one thing which can communicate your emotions just so aptly and beautifully. 

Presenting it to you,, a stall of handmade cards. What good is a card if it does not evoke SENTIMENTS? What good is it if there is no tear rolling down after it is received? At, not just a paper is delivered, but sentiments too. After significant success in offline world, they have now moved online so that large population gets the best of emotional exchanges. You will be able to access their site in coming 5 days time; however, till that time you can surely see their collection at below mentioned address. And it’s not a simple card; you get to make it more personal by adding one's own dialogues, images, one-liners, designs, etc. also deals in envelopes, handmade cards, scrapbook and invitation cards for any occasion, be it birthday party, formal meeting, baby shower, wedding or engagement. 

Be there and share your feedback with us. 

Date: 1st august 2014
Time: 10 am - 8pm
Venue: Shambhus Café, Navrangpura Contact: Preksha Jain
M: +91-9998622406, +91-7728801234
Email id:

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