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CityShor suggests that you first see the set of Pictures and then read on. Trust us, they were right when they said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Ahmedabad, brace yourself for the most unique and extraordinary piece of Art work. We have seen and appreciated art in its varied forms. Come to think of it, when we say, Art, we follow paintings, sculptors, etc., and that’s all about art that we understand.

But then there are those, who dare to go beyond the traditional and create a form of Art which is as unique as the thought itself. Parth Kothekar, started his journey with a fascination for Silhouette. He had been following this art for several years and eventually thought of creating something worthwhile. His passion for the Art combined with his intelligence and ingenuity of his products create the most wonderful pieces of Art.

Team CityShor visited Parth and was mesmerized by his work. Paper Cut, as he fondly named the venture is about artworks which are all hand sketched and hand cut individually by Parth. Papercut Artworks are all sketched and hand carved individually from single sheets of paper using a pencil and Papercut Knife. They are then sandwich framed (placed between two glasses) to give the final look.

Apart from exhibiting his talent at Exhibitions, Parth also caters to the Art needs of his followers. Want to present a gift to your loved one or want to have an artwork created for your Home or Office, visit Paper Cut and quench your thirst for owing that unique and astounding piece of artwork.

They provide the Papercut artwork in 3 forms.
1. Sandwich framed (The artwork is placed between 2 glasses to give the transparent look)

2. Framed with a solid background and

3. Only the artwork.

They also do custom Papercut artworks. Other than the Papercut artworks we also provide tee shirts, laptop decals, caps and custom designs.

For more information on the products you may contact Parth Kothekar at /, or call him at 09998930318.

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