Parda Afghani & other Egg Specialities at Protin Egg Eatery!

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You of course might have tried Egg dishes like Surti Ghotalo or Parda Afghani or even Dabba Kheema. But, the way and with the delicious taste that Protin Egg Eatery serves them, is nothing like anything we have ever witnessed before!


Surti Ghotalo- As the name suggests, it has everything and anything that you can imagine with a special blend of their spices!


Parda Afghani- Tomato based egg preparation with an omelette parda! YES! Parda!


Dabba Kheema- Brown Masala Egg packed inside spicy omelette! Handle it with care, and taste it wisely! It’s spicy!


How about some ice-creams to end it with? They also have a unique range of softies to offer! Our pick from it is the Mix Berry softy!


Address- 1- Shree Krishna Center, Beside Passport office, Meethakhali Cross Roads

Call: 8511973533

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