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SHOUTOUT TO AMDAVADIS - Crazy Heads Art Company brings you The BIGGEST FLEA MARKET in the city till date in the form of AMDAVAD FLEA! The gala affair takes place on 27th & 28th November, between 5 to 11 pm, at the River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge.
Participate in this wonder of an affair, and take back with you an enchanting experience by calling: 9924423732
You can also drop them a mail on:

You can opt for stalls to display your products starting at just Rs 10,000 for 2 days! Now that is a bargain of a deal! 
Who can participate?
Whosoever has something unique when it comes to Decor, Food, Antiques, Gardening, Garage Sale, Vintage, Pets, Books, Paintings, Artifacts, Music, Bands, Theaters, Photography, Collectibles.... *siiiiiggggghhhhhh* The list is endless. 

Simply buzz them, and they would be happy to give you a space. Maintaining a thorough clarity, they follow a standard booking procedure which every participant needs to follow, 
Once you receive their mail;
-Revert back with photos/links/web page of your work.
-They will revert back with a nod.
-Pay them.
-Complete some paperwork 
Hurray, you are part of Biggest flea market. 

Why the Flea Market?
Well, Ahmedabad has offered us a whole package of ethnic and cosmopolitan life. Now, it’s our turn to give back. And what better way to do that than participating in an event that celebrates our incredible heritage?

As the saying goes ‘The soul of a city resides in its people’. Hence, this event is an humble attempt to not only entertain but also enlighten the youth and the society at large, about the significance of our culture and heritage.

With a little over a month to go; Book soon for, only a few stalls remain up for grabs and the bookings close 10 days prior to the event.
With hoards more from us and more importantly for them, keep an eye out for AMDAVAD FLEA next month for, it is a Date!

Dates: 27-28 November

Timings: 5 to 11 pm

Venue: River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9924423732


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