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Nylon's PAU BHAJIWALA now in Ahmedabad. Pau Bhaji in a whole new avtaar, your must indulge this weekend! Address - 12, Sapphire, Near Yes Bank, Under Tailor Point, C.G. Road, Ahmedbad | Contact: 9081041004 | Time: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Pau Bhaji, probably something that we have been eating since generations. But wait, pause for a while. Which is your favorite place to eat Pau Bhaji? though it is the most common food dish but there are very few places which gives you the best Pau Bhaji.

Filling this void, a 28 years old brand has now entered Ahmedabad. What void?, you wonder right? How different can a Pau Bhaji be. Well, you have to taste it to believe it.


Along with huge varieties, their unique point is that they serve Nylon Pau (small size round buns) with Bhaji and not the normal ones. So what? Just a different Pau? That’s it. Well, we all know that it’s all about Bhaji when it comes to this dish. This joint keeps up with the pedigree of Nylon brand with all their raw materials coming from Anand.


Highlighting stars of Pau Bhaji wala. Here are a few dishes we recommend:

1. Butter Lasaniya Bhaji
Garlic just adds on to the flavour of a dish, doesn’t it? The classic Pau Bhaji with an addition of garlic into the gravy along with diced pieces in the gravy is a must try for garlic lovers. Also, it leaves a spicy taste for your palate which makes the dish all the more irresistible.

2. Sahi Tukda
Sweet is the first word which comes to your mind when you hear this. What if we tell you that the quintessential sweet dish of Shahi Tukda has a Pau Bhaji version to it! Yes, this is masala pau pieces and along with some veggies and onions on the go! In spite of a cheesy layer on the top, the dish gives your taste buds a spicy after taste.

3. Cheese Butter Pulao
The classic pulao with veggies doesn’t disappoint you at all. The subtle flavour of the dish will surprise you. Moreover the grated cheese on top, just increases our love for this dish.

4. Butter Combo
So, we have lunch and dinner combos which have become conventional. But what if we tell you about a Pau Bhaji combo! This combo dish gives you bhaji pao, pulao, masala curd, roasted papad and butter milk. What more could you ask for? This combo dish will surely be enough to fill your stomach. Also, keep in mind they have 3 varieties in combos as well. Great, isn’t it?

5. Butter Bhaji 
Do we really need to say anything for this dish! That is one dish which most Indians love don’t we? Pau Bhaji wala does absolute justice to our love for this dish. They are soon going to offer Butter Wheat Paratha along with Bhaji (optional to Pau)

6. Pure Butter Jain Bhaji
For people who don’t eat onions and garlic. Don’t worry, Pau Bhaji Wala has got things sorted for you as well. Grab a bite into this pau bhaji


Moving beyond the taste part of it, we also wish to talk about their ambiance. There are many places in the city which gives you good Pau Bhaji but bad experience. Unhygienic, untrained staff, bad service, noisy, urgency to push you out fast - it almost feels like that you are sitting in a fish market and eating. Pau Bhaji wala stands out in taste, service, ambiance and experience as well.


Now can you resist to not visit this brand new joint. Oh, you are now concerned about that one relative or a friend in your group who doesn't like Pau Bhaji. Need not worry as they also have South Indian and Chinese cuisine for you to enjoy apart from Pau Bhaji!

Is your mouth already watery? Head straight to this place, if you are a fan of Pau Bhaji. The newly opened eatery in Ahmedabad, is surely not to be missed!

Address: 12, Sapphire, Near Yes Bank, Under Tailor Point, C.G. Road, Ahmedbad | Contact: 9081041004 |Time: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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