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10 years ago when no one knew about custom made cards, Neha Bhatt started Periwinkle Creations. Now a days you get many options for designer custom made cards but of course you’ll prefer someone who is more experienced. Neha Bhatt spent almost 10 years in the USA and learnt cards designing. When she came back to India, she wanted to continue her cards’ designing as it was her passion, thus Periwinkle Creations was started. Unlike others, she gets all her material from the USA to maintain the international quality. Periwinkle Creations doesn’t really have any staff or workers. It is solely handled by Neha Bhatt since the day she came back to India and started it. The quality and unique custom made designs have got her permanent clients as each item is hand crafted with care, love & passion. Be it a baby shower function, a wedding, a birth day party or a corporate party, she can design anything and everything and that too as per your choice. People who wish to learn can also contact her as she has recently started teaching the same to the passionate people in Ahmedabad. She is also into exhibitions since years. So if you are looking for someone who can prepare special wedding cards then contact Neha Bhatt in prior as the material she uses is going to come all the way from the USA for you. Contact:

Periwinkle Creations: 098 79 790201 Email address:

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