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It is indeed tedious to go through a prolonged article every-time, so this time around I will be keeping it short and sweet. Cute, Thoughtful and easy on the eye? This may sound like a check list for my perfect woman, but it is not. It however sums up my opinion when it comes to PHILOTES.

May it be their Pizzas (FULLY LOADED or CHINESE), Pastas (PESTO PRIMAVERA or POMEDORO), or their CROSTINI or LASAGNA or even their WRAPS; when it comes to their taste, Philotes is good for such uncomplicated western dishes and their Mocktails are tropical and fresh and interestingly named.

With an emphasis on communal dining, Philotes is designed to provide an alternative to the typical Indian dining experience and add some zing back into dining. But it’s not only about the food at Philotes. All parts share an equal focus between the 'bar', restaurant and ambiance.

All in all, as we have highlighted before, Philotes is a casual eatery where you can meet and mingle over leisurely sumptuous leisurely meal of European as well as Asian fare, some of which is outstanding. Cheers.

Address: B/H White Leaf Hotel, opposite Grand Bhagwati, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad-380015
Contact: +91-9925444678, +91-9558888754

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