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You’ve seen Horror movies, you’ve seen suspense, you’ve even, of course, eaten Pizzas (eh, what am I writing?) Now try to digest this Pizza. This Pizza has been baked in Bollywood café with a totally different set of toppings. Whether it tastes great, awesome, pathetic or bearable – not sure about how the ‘junta’ will take it; I kinda liked it. It kinda left me craving for more or better; not because it was that good but because towards the second last slice, I thought the cheese could have been better.

As shown in the trailers, a pizza delivery boy (Akshay Oberoi) goes to a bungalow to do the usual. Just a normal routine work. And then suddenly (and really suddenly), things take a spooky turn. He is locked inside a haunted home with Arunoday, Dipannita and their girl child. All ghosts. Of course. What begins is what you think could have begun. For most of the interesting part of the movie, you are left with Akshay & the ghosts. Nobody else.

While in most of the horror movies, the Hero still acts a like a hero (less scared, more heroic); in Pizza, the Hero is shown totally traumatized, scared, out of control & confused. Though a few scenes come across as ‘nothing new’, they do send the chill down your spine. Scarred, Rotten faced Creepy ghosts, screamings, sudden appearances, darkness, blood & much more. You may even experience goosebumps in a particular scene when … errr … why spoil the fun! The movie reaches the peak and suddenly things are back to normal or should I say … confusing? I mean you don’t expect things to turn out like that. You expect the horror to continue. The story continues, keeps you glued to the seat, you know something will happen. That ‘something’ happens, there is more … go watch it for yourself

Apt background music, matured acting by all (inc the ghosts), nice direction, a couple of acceptable flaws, perfect set up … the movie is totally one time watchable.

3 Shors for the new toppings.

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