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We’ve all seen Amitabh Bachhan get mesmerised with Kutchh and its diverse heritage and heard him say that “aapne Kutchh nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha” ; and very rightly so. This land is the second largest district in India after Leh, and is home to some of the most culturally rich tribes, glorious artisans, thronging wildlife and unique local handicrafts along with the ever pleasant and pristine white ran of kutchh. An indigenous treasure of the country, it is celebrated by many and is one of the top favourites for vacations amongst us Indians. 

Now if you’re one of us who loves travelling and exploring, you know it can get difficult to plan everything timely and efficiently and which is why most of us prefer to not do it by our own. Precisely why, your eleventh hour tour guide slash saviour is here in the form of GHANSHYAM TOURS AND TRAVELS. Back again with yet another jaw dropping package, this travel agency is known far and wide for its elated customers and a comprehensive experience and doesn’t provide anything less than that even this time around. 

The soulful package includes a trip to Kalo Dungar or black hill which is the highest point in Kutchh, has a magnetic field very similar to the one in Ladakh and gives out one of the best views of the rann, along with the Kutchh Fossil park which houses some of the best fossils native to the district and probably the only ones of their kind in India. They also provide a chance to visit Chari Dhand, a nature extravaganza that boasts of a wetlands conservations reserve and a site for bird watching wherein you might just come across the most exotic of species. To top it off, their ever present, utterly amazing hospitality is always there. 

If you are looking for school or college camping trips or just a normal outing, this is the best one to go to. Visit the most famous sites of Kutchh and take those splendid memories back home. 

Kuchh din toh guzaaro Kutchh mein? 

Address: Ghanshyam Tour & Travel, B-17, Nirman Complex, Opp. havmor Restaurant, B/H Navarangpura Bus Stop. 
Ahmedabad: +91-9426619866 | 079-40035352

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