Plan your over the moon honeymoon only with HOLIDAY BUCKET!

Trying to plan that amazing honeymoon getaway you’ve always pictured of but don’t have the time to focus on that with the imminent wedding prep? Worry not because we bring to you a once in a lifetime chance of getting the best of honeymoon packages without having to even lift a finger, only with HOLIDAY BUCKET.

Whether you’re looking to unwind in an all inclusive beach resort or want to go sightseeing to your heart’s content in Europe, the experts here have all the knowledge and training to help take the stress out of planning the perfect honeymoon so that you can enjoy your wedding festivities to the utmost.

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This time around, their in house experts have brought to you a list of top seven beach destinations for the same so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of researching and can impress your husbands and wives to be in one instant. Read ahead and be enthralled!

ANDAMAN: With sunny skies, golden beaches, sparkly landscapes and a serene environment, Andaman is an apt spot for all those who are seeking for a fun travel while keeping your budget in line.

THAILAND: Known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and islands like Krabi, Phuket, Hau Hin, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai that are a honeymoon favourite as it is, Thailand is a couple’s paradise both for those who seek adventure or want to laze around and bask in the stunning beauty.

BALI: Wonderfully romantic and welcoming, Bali is one of the most charming islands in this part of the world. A diverse island with a volcanic chain of mountains running across the north, endless beaches and rice fields are carved out of the hills and valleys, you’ll encounter warm, genuine people and a similarly hospitable climate.

MAURITIUS: Fringed with spectacular coral reefs and pure white sands lapped by crystal clear waters, Mauritius is a coveted castaway island and a popular choice among honeymooning Holiday Bucket clients. There’s also a lot to see and do during your Mauritius honeymoon – if you can tear yourself away from the sun lounger, that is!

 MALDIVES: If your idea of honeymoon bliss is a beach villa or a bungalow on a deserted island, then Maldives are for you. Get amazed by the sheer amount of activities, water sports and much more or just frolic on the beach and swing on your hammock for days without seeing anyone else.

FIJI: In the Fijian language, there are fifteen words for heaven. If any place on earth would need that many options for describing nirvana, it would likely be Fiji. On the water, Fiji is home to some of the world’s best soft-coral reefs, with dives that range from beginner friendly to challenging and remote.

SEYCHELLES: Small private islands, secluded palm-fringed beaches, luxurious beach retreats, lavish honeymoon suites, candlelight dinners on the white sands - if this sounds like your idea of a perfect romantic break, consider a Seychelles' honeymoon. The setting is stunningly dreamy, and the tropical islands idyllic, making your honeymoon to the Seychelles unforgettable!

 Leave all the decisions like choosing where to go, what can you afford and what best suits your style and interest to HOLIDAY BUCKET and let them plan your honeymoon well in advance. Indulge yourself in these magical places, one couple at a time. Call them now! Cheers.

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