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It didn't take much of convincing to make our way down PLATED again and why would it? With the glorious offerings that we partook the last time, we were more than psyched to start gorging what the newly opened eatery has to offer; All at B-201 Shilp Aaron, opp Armieda, near Pakwan Cross Roads, Sindhu Bhavan Road.

Soups are one of the essentials of winter and so, we started our course with their BURNT GINGER WATER CHESTNUT SOUP, that offered the exact warmth and taste that you crave when the temperature dips.

Onto their appetizers, in the form of a RED BURNT COTTAGE CHEESE, which was delicious as it looked with cottage cheese being tossed in Asian flavours tending to be a satiable intro.
More on the same was COTTAGE CHEESE ORANGE SILICANE, wherein Cottage Cheese was stuffed with Spinach, processed Cheese and Bell peppers in an orange crush same in silicana sauce, which is then baked to perfection.

For their final entree, their chef served us with a lovely BURRITO PLATTER, wherein just about each one was better than the another and in the end it would be hard for you to decide which was the best! You can also add onto the sauce of your choice, be it Alfredo, Pesto, Arrabiatta, BBQ or even a mixed one! Sounds great, doesn't it?

Lastly on the mains, wherein we stuck to a VEGETABLE TAWA MASALA, with vegetables smoked in Tandoor, which is further cooked in a spicy thick Tomato Masala; Best had with Naan and paratha.

Satisfying us over and over again, we highly anticipate our fourth visit at PLATED, which would indeed be very soon! Cheers.

Address: B-201 Shilp Aaron, opp Armieda, near Pakwan Cross Roads, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-7283882828 | +91-079-65552727

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