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A group of Adventure junkie with an aim to 'honor the earth' goes around the world to do some death defying stunts and well, they do that really really neat! No, they do even better. If you have watched Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break (1991) or even if you have not watched, this movie would not dissapoint you at all.

Having said that, the movie surely lacks a strong story line but two-hoots about that. Not many movies that I have watched, I will say this. 

It's not only those jaw dropping stunts that make this movie a MUST GO but the also reality in those stunts; very unlike F&F, MI, XXX or for that matter 007 series. The stunts in the movies looks real done by real 'adventure professionls' barring the 'dare' part of it. Be it the airborne stunts or the one in sea to the one where land slides to the rock climbing sequence; the movie is brilliantly shot. Yes, the 'honor the earth' still doesn't really makes any sense but again ... two hoots!

Given the less scope of any 'acting' in such movies, there isn't much to talk about the actors but yet Édgar Ramírez (Bodhi) is to watch out for. 

By far, Point Break happens to be one of the best Adventure Action movies made.

3.5 Shors out of 5

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