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Wedding? You have all the reasons to tie the knots. The love of your life is going to be with you forever. Then why not keep the best day forever. After 50 years, when you both sit to see the photos or the video, you should cherish those moments. Never you should feel “Yaar ye to reh gaya tha hamari shaadi me.” Yes, the best and most important day of your life and for a bride nothing comes first but herself. The dress, the footwear, make up & not to forget the best add on – Jewellery. So this is for those girls who have not yet bought the best jewellery or are planning to get married soon and all the preparations are left. Name – Pooja Diamond. We strongly recommend you to just have a look at their beautiful bridal jewellery and decide yourself.
Pooja Diamond - Their jewellery looks like from the royal era.  Yes, these beauties are unlike those common ones that you see and wear regularly. We guess, the name is just enough; isn’t it?

Their jewellery makes us feel royal and unique definitely. Their motto is, “Why wear the jewellery with the same common design? Wear something different that no one has seen or worn so far.”Pooja Diamond’s diamond jewellery is designed by keeping the latest trends in mind. They are traditional and casual. They can be worn anywhere! Be it a function or office, they are for multipurpose! The blue, green, red precious stones are added in the beauty of those diamond pieces. What more a woman would want?

Pooja diamond designs what you desire. And see the photographs, if you think we are wrong. Today their collection is all about delicate and classy pieces. Overlapping flower with golden shine, a circle filled with many small circles, and oval shaped pendant with three cute golden flowers and all these with loads of diamonds. Wow, it looks magical then how would it look when worn?

Why not try them and choose the best one? Visit the showroom and tell them about your diamond weakness!

Address: Pushpak 66, Near Someshwar Jain Temple, 132 ft ring road, Shivranjani, Satellite.

Contact: +91-079-26750167, +91-9426088191, +91-9974722122

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