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Rain or no rain; Wet or dry; a few beautiful plants will always keep the freshness of spring in and around your home, creating a feeling of peace! Offering the ditto zen that you will not come across anywhere in the city we have HORTUS, with it's sublime range of pots and plants, bringing forth a vivid range of colours & textures to your home, in the form of flora, all on the Ground floor of Sukirti Elegance, opp Palacial Bungalows, near Prernatirth Derasar.

Having these around in offices and homes not only bring in purity and well being but also increased productivity and HORTUS gives all this a new meaning with its designs, that spans out from classic to contemporary, from practical to ornamental in a wide array of pots and planters in various shapes & sizes. The said designs sit in beautiful handpicked accents. You can let these sit atop tables or simply let them hang in balconies in the roped spools.

HORTUS also has quite a range when it comes to Garden Decor in the lovely forms of delicate lawn art, whimsical sculptures, standee planters; Along-with hoards of options when it comes to Indoor Plants to bring a sense of refinement and style to your home. Make no mistake, they are as easy to tend to as their outdoor brothers.

If calmness, health, growth and rejuvenation; All had a colour, it surely would be Green and with HORTUS' display of Indoor plants, Pots & Planters, Garden decor, Urban gardening; Why wouldn't it be?

Address: HORTUS, Ground floor - Sukirti Elegance, opp Palacial Bungalows, near Prernatirth Derasar, Satellite, Ahnedabad

Contact: +91-9825082204

Web: www.hortuslife.in 
You can also follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Hortus-Life/225345760961340?ref=br_rs

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