Prakruti 4 - Bonsai & Garden Show

Attributes: Outdoor/Gardening

Enjoy 3 days with a full fledged workshop dedicated to art & health in the form of PRAKRUTI 4 - BONSAI & GARDEN SHOW, taking place on 2-3-4 October, at Manekbaug Hall, Ambavadi.
To register, call on 9428045101 or 9824069265

The event is all about learning the essentials of;
-Bonsai Art
-Ceramic Art
-Herbal health care & Naturopathy
-Canning art
-Kitchen Gardening
wherein you can also win Prizes & Trophies by participating in the Bonsai Competition (live)as well as bonsai & landscape plants Display Competition.

This exhibition specially calls for the attention of Architects, Interior as well as Landscape Designers for, it showcases an amazing range of Garden Plants, Bonsai, Landscape, Organic & Medicinal plants, Designer Pots, Fountains, as well as Garden decor essentials & Equipments to enhance anyone's abode with.

With limited seats, make sure that you get registration done at earliest at Rs 300 per workshop & at Rs 600 per competitions.

Timings: The Workshops & Competitions will span between 11 am to 6 pm.

Event Organised by: CRESCENT EVENTS & DECOR.

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