Private Outdoor venue for celebrations - Serenity Proximus

Attributes: Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Birthday celebrations in open, surrounded by lush greens. OR, a candlelit dinner in a PRIVATE OUTDOOR VENUE!

Celebrate special occasions at Serenity Proximus by Bakeri Group with special customized packages. | Call: 76980 88127

Privacy as a concept is not valued much, when it comes to Ahmedabad! However, that is about change, now! You’ve certainly celebrated your special moments till now at your home or in a restaurant.

Take a break. How about celebrating in a resort, in open?

Celebrate your birthdays, Anniversaries and host candle light dinners at a private outdoor venue at Serenity Proximus, Sanand Road | Call: 76980 88127

The package includes customization in menu, decor and a special ambiance for special occasions. | That too, with customised packages!

Got no occasion? Take a break and go for a 1 day picnic at Serenity Proximus!

Here are the details:
- Morning till Night 9am to 9pm @ 1200/- per person
- Morning till Evening 9am to 6pm @ 900/- per person
- Children between 5 and 12 @ 700/- and 500/-

Take a splash in the pool, watch a movie, play, gorge upon some delicious delicacies, you rule!

Hurry up, book your spots asap.

Address: Serenity Proximus, Moti Devti Village, Shantipura (S.P.Ring Road), near Gulmohar Club, Sanand Road, Ahmedabad.
Call: 76980 88127

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