Project Upcycle by Gopal Emporium

Attributes: Accessories, Bags

Ever thought how the waste stuff can be used? Yes, we all do it in some or the other way and here comes Project Upcycle.

Project Upcycle was started by Monica Vaswani who is into the family business with the name Gopal Emporium (Since its inception in 1987). It's a store that provides readymade garments. So the story goes like this. The dress that you buy would not necessarily fit you and you would need to give it for alteration at that respective store. Monica thought beyond and instead of throwing away the extra material she started making beautiful bags & clutches out of it. A perfect way to reuse the waste!

They're currently launching Ethnic coin purses which are easy to carry, looks elegant and smart. What more? It has a great reason attached. What makes these purses unique is that proceeding received from selling them is going to be used in Children Welfare & Education Programmes.

In future they are planning to launch other products which will be made by Up-cycling paper.

Help them build those children’s future!

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