Puffizza presents Puff based Pizza in India

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PUFF BASE PIZZA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA , you can now gorge onto a Pizza with a puff pastry base only at PUFFIZZA, near Manav Mandir, Drive In Road, Gurukul.

To make it even more lucrative; If you buy 1 Pizza anytime between 1-6 pm then, you can avail a FLAT 50% off on the 2nd!

It is indeed a wonderful time for pizza lovers, for they can now move on from the chains to try out something wonderfully different. Have you ever thought what a Pizza & Puff would taste like, together? Let us tell you that the merger that they serve at PUFFIZZA is indeed sublime!

The base is extremely unique being a puff pastry, which also comes with the options of a regular, thin, thin & crispy as well as a cheese burst. The toppings are fresh and in an apt quantity. A fresh batch of sauce is made everyday which is extremely apropos. You will not be overburdened by cheese, for they put an apt quantity on top.

What to try?

CHEESY PUFFY GARLIC BREAD: Gives the regular Garlic Bread a run for its money for the puff pastry base not only makes it taste good but, light on the palette as well.

BBQ PANEER PUFF CRUST PIZZA: Apt for Paneer lovers for, the delicious pizza is loaded with marinated Paneer, Bbq Sauce, Onions  and Cheese.

FIRE LOVER'S CHEESE BURST PIZZA: It is a great option with Tomato Gravy, Onion, Capsicum, Jalapeños, Tomatoes and Mozzarella. The first bite into it will lead to burst of cheese - simply orgasmic!

SUPER SUPREME THIN CRUST: A paper thin crust based offering topped with Cheese, Tomato, Capsicum, Red Paprika, Pineapple, Olives and Mushrooms with Oregano & Chilli Flakes! 

Apart from that, their PUFFY SCOTCH & CHOCO LAVA CAKE are on top for sweet delectables! Initiated by Dipen Patel, Puffizza has garnered rave reviews from Amdavadis and rightly so. Having come across a puff pastry base pizza at an eatery during his trip to Australia, essentially planted the seed in his head to introduce the same to us.

PUFFIZZA in all, makes for a unique Pizzeria where you can meet and mingle over a slice or two, which is outstanding. Cheers.

Address: 103, Kairos, Near Manav Mandir, Drive In Road, Gurukul, Ahmedabad

Contact: 079-4008 5000

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