Quirk up your wardrobe with KITSCH by NIK accessories!

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KITSCH BY NIK, the brand tantamount with quirk and individuality is all set to showcase their newly launched articles of jewellery at IIMA’s flea market KALIEDO: the market place from 30th September to 2nd October on the old IIMA campus.

The brain child of NIRJARI SHAH, this Ahmedabad based brand aims at transporting you into a fairy tale world that is beautiful, delicate and well designed. Her all new array of neckpieces feature some distinctive design crafted carefully using the finest of fabrics, ghunghroos, beads and pompoms. Also an add-on is the chokers, handmade from traditional fabrics and silver pendants; easily making you forget the same old monotonous black chokers.

To complement their new Ghunghroo collection, they have also just launched some adorable ghunghroo earrings, amalgamated gracefully with pom poms to make you stand out from the grey crowd yet again.

Apart from this, the brand is best known for its FEET ACCESSORIES. Having created a niche market for the same, KITSCH brings forth a huge selection made using oxidized silver beads, crystals & colourful threads in different colours for you to choose from; well suited for Navratri or any other occasion for that matter.

With budget friendly prices, the brand strives to keep bringing exclusivity laced with a traditional touch to all their designs.

Having been featured on hoards of local platforms, along-with BBC UK and exhibiting in Bombay, Goa, Pune and even the USA, KITSCH BY NIK is now a brand in the city which is famous for its innovative approach towards accessories. If nothing else, you surely should just visit and see the collection and give yourself the chance to be thoroughly enthralled. The entry is open for all. Cheers!

Date: 30th September to 2nd October
Venue: IIMA KALEIDO, Old IIMA campus. 
Contact: 9601457543



Tags: Quirk up your wardrobe with KITSCH by NIK accessories!

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