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Qwiches: QVC and QSG, the love affair of 2014. Qwiches now open at SG Highway – Ground Floor, Shaival Complex, Opp. Jade Blue Showroom, S G Highway, Satellite.

Jai – Veeru, Amar – Prem, Seeta – Geeta, Ram – Shayam and now Qwiches – Qwiches!!!

The yesterdays:

Exactly seven months ago, CityShor introduced you to QVC (Qwiches @ Vijay Cross roads). Ahmedabadis flocked to experience its frenzy. The first ever industrial themed café in the town! The blend of ambience, food & music was too perfect to be true. Everything was just that perfect till that one day when QVC realised that it didn’t want all its fans to travel from distant places in town all the way to Vijay Cross roads. This made QVC sad. QVC was considerate. But what can it do? QVC was confused? How can QVC help its fans? QVC was alone. It was in pain.

The Love Affair:

One fine day, QVC met the perfect match. QVC could hear the bells ring. QVC could hear the violins play. QVC was in love. QVC found the answer to all its questions. Now QVC was happy again. QVC now has the best companion. CityShor and QVC proudly present you with the new fond love interest of QVC. Meet the awesome QSG.

QSG: Qwiches @ SG Highway

The newest and the boldest, the best and probably the only one, Qwiches is now at S G Highway. Yes Ahmedabad, your very own Qwiches is now at SG Highway. This one time, opportunity has come to you. So without a further ado, here’s what you get at QSG. The ambience is just that perfect. They haven’t gone for re-inventing the wheel. QSG gives you the same look and feel of QVC. The informal yet classy, the subtle yet upbeat! Qwiches takes the café experience to a whole new level with the same famous industrial theme.

Music, Food, Ambience and friends! Do you need more? With Qwiches as your choice of place, you can be BEST ASSURED.

So why wait? All those Qwiches fans and those who stay in this side of the town, Qwiches is now open. CityShor recommends you all to visit Qwiches SG Highway this weekend. After all, it’s love.

After all, it’s a QWICHEVEMENT!!!!

Address: Ground Floor, Shaival Complex, Opp. Jade Blue Showroom, S G Highway, Satellite.

Time: 10AM to 11PM

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