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They say 'big things come in small packages'. It's so true because big responsibilities come with small babies. A baby requires constant attention at all times because that little pink fluff means the world to the whole family running after it. In the present times, raising a baby is a very tough job, even though we hear otherwise from our elders who raised kids with minimal attention and no facilities. But the developing times bring new products which not only make it easy for the parents but for the baby too. 

R for Rabbit - The Amazing Baby Company brings for you innovative and amazing products, focusing on the child’s development and safety, and to maximize comfort and ease for both the parent and the child. Their diverse range of baby products developed for understanding the needs of both, the parents and the child, work with the goal of providing your child with the best facilities for a healthy development, which is safe and comfortable.

R for Rabbit offers New and Innovative design products, which are made with four very important things: Safety Standards Certified, Innovative and Patented Design, Great Quality and Excellent Service. Here are few ones. 
Chocolate Ride - The Designer Pram
Rolly Polly - Mini Washing Machine for Baby Garments
Bubble Double - The Innovative Folding Bath Tub
Picaboo - Infant Car Seat cum Carry Cot

R for Rabbit products are available at 
1. Half Ticket Stores (SG Road, Panchvati, CG road)
2. Toycra - Anandnagar Road
3. Femina Town - C G Road,
4. Paridhan - Paldi, Bhatha
5. Ding Dong Ramakda Ghar - Gurukul

Other than that you can ask your nearest retailer to bring R for Rabbit baby products to you or for online shopping you can shop or buy baby products from shop.rforrabbit.com. R for Rabbit works to promise to bring a smile on yours and your little one's face. Cheers.

For any queries contact Gulmeet Singh on +91-9328895035

Website: www.rforrabbit.com

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