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Let us warn you.

Keep aside watching R…Rajkumar, reading its review even can cause you severe trauma!!!!

Our writer is still suffering the after effects of the movie. He is hallucinating that he can beat the crap out of 60 goons (all at once), all of whom are twice his size and now he is seen dancing for reasons unknown.

That’s R…Rajkumar to you.

Shahid Kapoor plays a goon, the right hand of one of the dreaded drug lord of a village, Shivraj (Sonu Sood). The left hand is already taken up by Mukul Dev (he hasn’t changed since last seen in Son of Sardar). Shivraj has a rival, Manik Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). Manik Parmar, tries to kill Shivraj on many attempts and fails miserably. In turn Manik, gets his gang eliminated one-by-one. In the mean time, our Rajkumar is trying to woe Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha) and after many a dance sequence and dream sequence, gets his love blossoming.  On one occasion, due to the ill advice of his personal astrologer (Asrani ), our villain, Shivraj while performing pooja to ward off evil effects in his kundli, comes across Chanda, who for no evident reason is seen taking a dip into a holy lake (presumably). Watching Sonakshi come out of the lake, all drenched, the lust in Shivraj takes over and hence he wants to marry her!!!

The villan lusts for Chanda, and wants to marry her. The hero, love’s Chanda and wants to marry her. So who will win Chanda? In between the question and answer are the fights, dance and comic moments.The movie fails miserably.

The first half of the movie is all about gravity defying fight sequence. You see car’s flying, goons flying, Hero’s flying, Heroine’s flying and when they all are not flying, you seem them on earth, dancing.

The second half of them movie is unbearable. The villain tries all his hand to woe the heroine and fails. The hero on other hand waits for a special day, to beat up the villain and marry Sonakshi. Why does he wait till that special day? Just because he is a MARD!!! That’s a Prabhu Deva’s way of showcasing one’s gender power!!!

The only high point of the movie, is that for the first 60 minutes of the movie, Sonakshi features every five minutes but surprisingly, she has no dialogue!!!! Finally, there is someone, who has given it back to the sinha clang….KHAMOSH!!!!

So until, you are really annoyed of being happy or have absolutely nothing to do with life, still we would not suggest you to watch R…Rajkumar, and even then you have the courage to watch this movie, We would definitely pray for you.

Oh God, Forgive them (those who made R…Rajkumar and those who saw it), for they do not know what they have done…

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