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Sad Sad Sad!! How come a movie which looks so beautiful before interval becomes so painful and irritating in its second half?

Yes, this is what you’ll feel when you watch Raanjhana. Started with the young character and most favorite kid Naman Jain (Jangiya of Chiller Party) has done a great job as always. When grown up, Dhanush (Kundan) takes over the role. He was in love with Sonam Kapoor (Zoya) since childhood.

In the first half, there’s a good mixture of comedy and love. Kundan does nothing but follows Zoya who studies in std. 9th. He follows her everywhere and gets slapped for 16 times just to know her name. Eventually she falls in love with him but her parents come to know about it and sends her out of the town for further studies. Here Dhanush keeps waiting for her to come back. When she’s back, she doesn’t remember kundan. Being a matured woman, she tells Kundan that their childhood love was just childish and nothing else.

Twist comes when Abhay Deol (Akram) enters. He plays a secure yet confident university student, socialist and a budding politician. Zoya falls in love with him while studying in Delhi and joins his party. This part will also give a hint of Delhi rape case and some political facts.

So the question is that how come a movie which was expected to be a love story suddenly takes a political turn? After Akram’s death due to a mistake by Kundan, Kundan feels guilty and joins his party. He steps into akram’s shoes and takes over completely but then India has politicians to run after you till death and that’s what happens at the end. And while he was dying, Zoya falls in love with him. What rubbish? I mean, he tried to get her attention in the whole movie and when he is dying that girl falls for him but “He doesn’t care about it anymore.”

I know it sound confusing and messed here too. But that’s what happened while watching it

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