Raasleela Ahmedabad

Attributes: Clothing, Accessories, Saree, Scarves/Mufflers

Two friends, Hetal and Chaitali initiated Raasleela one year ago. They are both Designers from NIFT but still their concept is totally different. Their motto is to keep the work and the workers alive who are almost extinct because of highly fast technical machines. While they spent time with village artisans, they realized that these woman artisans are incredibly talented with their craft. They have very thoughtful stories, significant meaning and reasons behind each and every motif, color and placement.

RaasLeela exclusively produces handcrafted products using various kinds of hand embroidery and Tie-dye of Gujarat. Their main focus is to go deep into the old traditional styles, designs, purpose and ways of doing hand crafts. They work with very high quality and exclusivity of hand work and that is what they want to maintain. And the main thing is that they have kept Indian weather in mind and then created the products.

About the product, they have beautiful tops, saarees, stoles, traditional jackets and much more. We were amazed to hear that most of their designs are sold in international market. So why don’t we also get these beautiful clothes for us too.

Cityshor fans get 10% discount till 25th July 2013.

B-702, Suryavanshi Towers,
Management enclave lane,
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380015.

Article by : Srishti Srivastava

Tags: Raasleela, Exhibition in Ahmedabad

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