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Renovation, Reincarnation, Face-lift and then there are other words that we could have used.


We will only call this – Passion! Passion of bettering something simply because you believe you can do better! Passion of offering something new to people around.

Well, there was nothing wrong with ambiance of Raisin, it was totally cool but Anand, the man behind Raisin, wanted it to be cooler, cooler than what it was and hence Raisin has come up with a totally new face with a beautiful theme : Eat, Gossip, socialize!

Contrasting walls & sitting patterns : on your left will be a lightly colored wall with high bar stool kinda sitting place while on left you have a wall which has not even been plastered, let alone painting it! And man, does it look amazing! The lamps attached to wall, shedding light to the ‘raw’ red unplastered wall add charm to the ‘feel’ of the cafe. The ‘feel’ allows you to hang-out with friends and eat-out with family.

A few things, wine (& you know what) gets better with age – Guess Raisin is on the list too! We wish getting younger for humans was possible. Go try your luck … see if the new ‘feel’ of Raisin makes you feel any younger ;)

Address: 10, Camps Corner 2, Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden, Prahlad Nagar Ahmedabad

Time: 10 AM to 11 PM

About their food? Pretty soon! watch out for the post tomorrow!


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