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Raj Rajeshwari jewelers celebrates that special bond between a woman and her diamond. Special offers on their 3rd Anniversary starting from 24th Jan 2014 till 31st Jan 2014. Visit today and celebrate womanhood.

It accentuates your beauty. It is the epitome of expression. A diamond is just not a stone but god’s tribute to the beautiful woman that you are.

Now there is this connection between a woman and her diamond. Probably this connection is something that we as men just can’t understand. Not that there is any direct reference to our intellectual abilities, but then, lets accept asking a man to understand this connection is a bit too much of a task.

So then what’s with it?

Look at a diamond and you will get to know. The first thing you notice about a diamond is the sparkle. Like a woman smiling, the diamond radiates beauty. Like a prism, it breaks a single ray of white light into a symphony of colors that is just magnificent. As like a diamond, the woman radiates colors of love, happiness, care, affection and all that makes us men comfortable.

The Diamond is probably the toughest to break. Trust us, its factually proven and so is it with the spirit of a woman. You can bend but you can’t break. The corner stone of our life and the pillar of support, she alone gives you enough strength and courage to carry on.

Woman and a Diamond have this eternal bond. This bond is not seen but felt. This connection cannot be created but celebrated. This is that special friendship.

Raj Rajeshwari, celebrating its 3rd anniversary acknowledges this special bond and is celebrating the ever-lasting bond between a woman and her diamond.

With this celebration, their collection has a unique diamond to talk about. The Pie Cut Diamonds. Yes, these Pie Cut Diamonds look like the Pie that we eat. And they look as beautiful as any other diamond set in your neck. What more? For Bridal wear or for office wear, Raj Rajeshwari designs it for every occasion.

Address: 709, Mayuransh Elanza, nr. Parekhs Hospital, Shyamal Cross roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Number: 079 – 26732050 / 70

Note: Only by appointment

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