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Are you buying jewelry this festive season? If yes, we are kinda sure that you would stick to your favorite and same old jeweler. Well, before you do so, let us pause you for a second. Check out these amazing collection before you take any decision. And remember what you see is just a tip of the iceberg.  
This is probably one jeweler whom we would have showcased n number of times; however, we just can’t stop showing these beautiful jewelry pieces again and again for two reasons. First, they are stunning and secondly, they keep on updating and changing their collections every season. How many jeweler you know are these pro-active and concerned about their collection?  
Inspired by nature, at Raj Rajeshwari you’ll find the designs in shapes like beautiful flowers, Leaves, and Mango. What more? The Diamonds, Diamonds and Diamonds! The beautiful neck-pieces, rings and earrings are made using Uncut Diamonds and Pie Cut Diamonds with semi-precious stones fused in it. For a designer, it’s a tough task to choose a combination of beautiful colors, detailed carvings, the curvy & wavy shapes and not many designers are perfect at it but at Raj Rajeshwari, your eyes will get wide open when you’ll see the perfect designs with perfection. So flaunt in the best designer dress with wearing the perfect jewelry on your neck and ears all the time!
And to make sure that you just can't resist to either visit / call them, they have some amazing offers running till 9th August - Flat 50% off on labor and 15% off on diamond rates.
Oh, and did we mention - it’s one place where you definitely find a unique designer masterpieces full of diamonds for that special day.
Call now because visits are only through appointments.
Number: 079 – 26732050 / 70
Address: 709, Mayuransh Elanza, nr. Parekhs Hospital, Shyamal Cross roads, Satellite

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