Ram-Leela: A Grand Canvas! Movie Review

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Ram Leela Movie Review


There are certain works of art which you see, experience and get mesmerized! You can not explain the feeling created by that experience. Sanjay Bhansali’s Ram Leela falls into the same category, the movie starts and you just don’t take your eyes off the screen!

Ram Leela is itself a huge and beautiful canvas of various arts like amazing photography, grand sets and locations, music, traditional dances, terrific acting by all leading and supportive cast and many minute details.

‘Goliyon ki Rasleela: Ram Leela’, inspired from Shakespeare classic Romeo Juliet (made clear at the start itself) set in an imaginary town in Kuchh ka Rann in Gujrat, starts off with depiction of age old rivalry between two castes, Saneda and Rajadi. Ram (Ranveer) belonging to the latter and Leela (Deepika) to the former. Their ‘love’ story unfolds with a few twists and turns, on a backdrop of violence between two communities.

Each and every frame of the film is exceptionally beautiful and full of colors! A few scenes in the film stand out, particularly the one is which Leela’s mother Ba, brilliantly portrayed by Supriya Pathak Shah, cuts off Leela’s finger. It’s a shocking scene! Then there’s another one in which Ram’s elder brother, again a superb act by Abhimanyu Singh, dies in a random firing between two castes. The colors and emotions used in the scene take that scene to an altogether different level.

Highlight of this grand film is the cinematography by Ravi Verman. Such cinematography is something that was never before seen in Indian Cinema! The grand sets, beautiful locations of Kuchh and royal palaces are captured brilliantly.

Songs, composed by Sanjay Bhansali himself and penned by Siddharth-Garima, are really good and come in the film at the right time. The ones that leave a lasting impression are, Nagada sang, Ram Chahe Leela, and Lahu Munh Lag Gaya.

The background score here needs a special mention. It has been used the maximum perfection to increase the intensity of the scenes. Use of traditional instruments like dhol, Kanjira and Sarangi is really commendable.

Talking about acting, Supriya Pathak-Shah steals the show with her portrayal of Ba! Among lead actors, Deepika is exceptional in both emotional and romantic scenes. Ranvir singh fails to impress in the romantic moments, he looks in the camera a lot many times. But he improves drastically in the second half where it is all emotional scenes! Supporting cast includes Abhimanyu Singh, Gulshan Devaiyah, Richa Chaddha and Sharad kelkar, all superb actors, lend their best to this film and take the film to an altogether greater level!

Dialogues by Siddharth-Garima are very good, especially with those Gujju one liners! Overall, the dialogues go very well with the tone of the film.

Script and editing is something that could could have been a bit better and crisp. Particularly the scene where Ram and Leela meet for the first time, it is not at all carried forward in the story. The script makes very less efforts to build up the lead characters. The chemistry between the lead pair is built up hurriedly and that too only physical chemistry, no emotional involvement can be seen until they get separated! It’s really unimaginable to see a traditional rural Gujju girl kissing a guy in the first meet even before they exchange a single word! The action scenes are actually a big turn off, they are literally copied from South Indian flicks.

One more interesting observation that amazed me, Leela wants to properly get married to Ram. Next moment a seductive song sequence on bed, Ram puts Sindoor in her maang and KISS! What the hell is that? It doesn’t happen in India, till now at least!

Sanjay Bhansali has definitely created a grand film and he succeeds as a director in putting all the brilliant arts together to create a beautiful canvas. But he could have avoided the mistakes stated above; and then I could have called his direction great!

The movie simply is for your visual senses, go for it and treat your eyes with a great cinematic and visual experience!

For cinematography, acting, music, PC’s item number and dialogues, we give it 4 shors out of 5.

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