Ramdevnagar: Quirky home decor articles at affordable prices

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For making a house into a home that you can call your own, the most important facet is to ensure that it reflects your personality and feels distinctive than the others. And in order to do just the same, a lot of high end home décor stores have been blooming of late. But when you are trying to beautify the entire house; that can get a little expensive and very unnecessarily so too, don’t you think?

We understand your woes and worries and that is precisely why we have a street side messiah of all things home décor and more at jaw dropping prices and quality that can very easily compete with those store baubles. Witness a mind blowing array of almost everything that you might need to decorate your quaint abodes only at Nalinbhai’s street side site.

Here you can get your hands on some quirky and idiosyncratic vases, flower pots, table stands, pen stands, stones, bowls, baskets, statues, showpieces and more at prices starting from only Rs. 450! Made from clay, ceramic and other sustainable materials, each of these articles are hand carved and painted, pretty and picturesque and created with the utmost love and care to give that much needed character to your house.  Isn’t that great?

You can also rent these or give them orders for events and parties and be rest assured that your places will look prim, proper and elegant! So, what are you waiting for? Visit this now and bring hoards of trinkets for your house. Add your own personal touch to your home and be the centre of attention for days to come!

Address: Street opposite satellite police station, Ramdevnagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad.
Contact: 9374213789



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