Rangrezz movie review

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What a pleasant surprise!!!

Yes, Rangrezz starring Jacky Bhagnani promises to be a super hit movie this summer but hey…. there’s a catch. The movie is great infact very gripping ONLY in the first half. Priyardarshan goofed up big time in second half.

The story is something which probably Bollywood has not seen. And I can bet that you would not be able to guess what will it be in second half. Talking about acting and actors – Jacky has done a decent job though his dialogue delivery is pretty weak but his friend – oh man, what a actor he is. It’s a pleasure to watch his friend – infact, he is the one who keeps you going with the movie. Any guess, who is he? I would wish to keep the secret for now…

All and all, it wont bore you for close to two hours…. After that, we
don’t take any guarantee. You can definitely watch this movie once
for sure.

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