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Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Outdoor/Gardening, Tables, Others, Clocks, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces

Tired of your same drab abode? Wondering how to zing it up? Don't fret for, there is no need to tear down walls and start spending hoards over anything unreasonable; Rather make your way down to RATIOS for this, exquisite store at 9, Aashirwad Paras, behind Sales India, Prahladnagar; houses just about everything that you might be looking for to bring in a fresh change.
The luxurious store set up by the Sarafs is dedicated solely to showcasing awe inspiring décor pieces to adorn your lovely corner. From the time you step in, their style will hold you together for, it is extremely sophisticated and rich, right from their beautiful sculptures, elegantly shaped & framed mirrors, washroom accessories, intricately detailed tableware, furniture, to even their fabulous lamp collection.
Stimulated enough? We suggest, you go ahead and feast your eyes. This season take your cure from this delicious pot-pourri of art & artefacts from RATIOS, to envelope your home. Cheers.
Address: RATIOS - 9, Aashirwad Paras, behind Sales India, Corporate Road, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-9712044777
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