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Every aspect of a wedding deserves that extra attention and that special treatment.

From decorating our house, flowers, mandap and the list is endless. The most important aspect of the wedding is the coming together of two families, friends and relatives. It’s the only day, wherein that special bond is made. Exchange of pleasantries and gifts seals the bonds. We carefully choose the gifts for the bride/groom and for each of the relatives keeping in mind the social custom and their taste and preferences, but more often than not we do not pay attention on the packaging part.

Trust us, a beautifully and neatly wrapped gift accentuates the beauty of the gift and the thought behind it. It conveys that not only the customary gift but also its packaging has been done with lots of love and thought. The entire ceremony gets that WOW factor!!

New Sarees, Shervanis, Ornaments, Cosmetics, whatever your choice of the gifts and all these should be packed perfectly and it should be attractive. It’s called Trousseau Packing and at Ratios, you will find all the assistance and beautiful options for the same. Nicely designed cart or a mango shaped packing would make the Saree and bangles look more beautiful. Also, get a beautiful engagement platter with peacock shaped design to bring a WOW feeling in the function.

For those who have no weddings to attend this year, don’t be unhappy, there’s plenty of decor options to indulge in for your much loved home.  Ladies, you still have an excuse to go shopping!!! Ratios carries a range of exclusive Home Decor products from Bed Covers, Cushion Covers, Torans, Tableware each of which they can customize as per your requirement.

Read loads of books? But there is not beautiful magazine holder to place them? Ratios is again there to help you! Also, get the best aroma candles to make your home like a spa. Light up the candles and the aroma will give you a peaceful feeling in your house.

Why not decorate your bathroom with amazing accessories? Choose from a wide range of accessories such as wooden stands or pink stands with diamonds to give a rich feeling to your bathroom. Such as these, you can buy from a wide range of customized Torans, Cushion Covers, Bath Accessories, Aroma Candles, Wind Chimes and lot more.

Trousseau packing options start from as low as Rs 100 and packing trays are available both for sale as well as on rental basis. Customization is the key here and a variety of themes are available.

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Number: 097 27 736822, 097 12 044777

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Every aspect of a wedding deserves that extra attention and that special treatment.
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