Reconnect with Yourself, Watch Manka Deh on 19th August!

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Reconnect with Yourself, Watch Manka Deh on 19th August!
It is indeed amazing to see the art form of theatre make a stronger way in today’s fast moving entertainment world. While movies have their own ways to express, theatre maintains the balance of being mainstream social bearers with strong messages to light the lamps in the hearts of many! Here’s another regional play that promises to make you introspect on what really one wants; wealth or loving relationships. This play, titled “Mankah Deh” has been conceptualized by the Dhaba Parishad who are concerned about how humans are now unable to keep up with their own self in this fast paced life. You can watch it on 19th August at J A Auditorium.
The play also includes 4 songs, composed by the director of the play, Mr. Ashish Thaker, and his team,  the title song of which is “ માણસ મા માણસ ઉગાડશું " (Manas maa Manas Ughadshu). The artists have themselves recorded all songs! The play aims at reconciling the humans with the voice of their inner soul and help realize that, in the end, it is all about the importance of our lives and a healthy human body. 
A good way to feel relaxed and let some change pour in, book your tickets now! 
Special Guests: Prem Gadhavi, Raju Barot, Archan Trivedi, Nimesh Desai 
Date: 19 th August 2017 (Saturday)
Venue: J. A Auditorium, Bhavan's College, Ahmedabad. 
Time: 09.00 PM onwards
Cost: 150/- per head. 
 Contact Details: 9898407776
Author Credit: Hemali Adhiya
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