Redbricks Early Years Stimulation Program for kids!

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Did you know?

The age from 0 to 3 years is a time when the human brain experiences the fastest growth rate in its entire Life Span. It is a scientifically proven fact that first the 3 years of life shape the way a child thinks, feels, behaves and learns - now and in the future!


Focusing on providing our children the right kind of holistic development through cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, creative and physical development in their early years, Redbricks Preschool has designed a unique Early Years Stimulation Program just for them.

The Redbricks Early Years Program has been developed with an aim to provide children between the ages of 1.5 to 3.5 years the opportunity for overall stimulation and early interaction in a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment.

Highlights of the Redbricks Early Years Program and how it works-


  • Focus on development of children across Cognitive, Linguistic, Physical, Social, Emotional and Creative domains.

  • Child friendly learning goals linked to children’s capacities and growth milestones in their formative years, not future academic requirements. Hence, no undue pressure on young children.

How Children Learn-

Inquiry-based Learning- Learning is built on the foundation of a child’s natural curiosity where the child is an investigator and discovers how the world works through active, first hand exploration.

Play-based Learning- Children are given opportunities to engage in play of various kinds with teachers as active observers and facilitators to enable play-based learning.

Experiential Learning- A variety of sensorial and exploratory experiences are provided to children that are relevant at their current stage of life!

Two Stages of the Redbricks Early Years Program

Stage 1- In this stage, the major focus is on sensorial explorations, play-based learning experiences, formation of routines and habits, and physical development through a gym program. Sessions in a day include indoor free play, snacks time, story time, creative arts, music and movement, and outdoor play along with regular celebrations, visiting experts, and field trips.

Stage 2- A large emphasis is placed on developing children’s listening and speaking skills in this year. Pre-reading and pre-writing activities appropriate to their age, build a strong foundation for future acquisition of literacy skills. Sessions in a day include indoor free play, group discussion, snacks time, story time, creative arts, music and movement and outdoor play along with regular celebrations, visiting experts and field visits.

The facilitators of the Early Years Program are selected for their sensitivity and ability to connect with young children. They are provided extensive induction and ongoing in-service training in order to become professional early childhood educators. The child-friendly infrastructure is designed to promote learning and development, while keeping your child safe and secure.

Redbricks has been consistently ranked the #1 Preschool in Ahmedabad by Education World Magazine – the Premier Human Development Magazine in India.


Take your child along for a visit, to explore how you can shape their formative years, and give them a strong foundation for their future.

Address- 1,3 & 4 Ashok Nagar Bungalows, Behind Sundarvan, Satellite, Ahmedabad, India.    
Contact- 9979500003

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