Refresh yourselves at 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT

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Get in the midst of Mother Nature this weekend and for the weekends to come for, we bring you a wonder of an "abode', wherein you can spend your weekend away from the crowded city life, in the form of 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT!
Placed on the Sanand-Nalsarovar Road, the one-stop-hub meets the demands of our bodies’ spiritual and physical well being. To inquire, call: 079-26858780 | 8140288866
Fortunately, for us the journey is not long and the property that is spread across a 100 Acres urges us to nestle snugly and cozily in these environs to take respite from our everyday urban reality.
Not only is does the resort radiate luxury but, their rooms do the same as well; wherein you can partake in a lavish stay. Add onto that their delicious delicacies - as per your scrumptious set meal plan, and one could not ask for more.
Yet, 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT hand you glorious options of spending time in their swimming pool; along-with the widespread array of options when it comes to indoor and outdoor sports. Top it off with their lush, green lawn, for big group activities; as well as the availability of their discotheque (as per club timings and policy), and you are in for a wonder of an affair.
With all this and hoards more; a trip to 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT would simply be to refresh yourself for, it will take you away from the hustle-bustle of the city where you can rejoice! A home where the mind relaxes, the body rejuvenates and the soul glistens. Cheers.

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