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Located behind Rajpath Club, off S.G. Highway, CAFE AQQUA is the only restaurant with a unique concept that side of the town. The cafe opened its doors last month and the name itself promised a place in relevance with water. Every week, as a routine, we look for the hot hangouts in town. Some happily chaotic, some hip, some cool, some young and pretty, they always keep us busy and Cafe Aqqua is one such place which stood out with ease.

The first thing that you will notice once you enter this cafe, is of course the Aqua. They have placed their sitting arrangements on a shallow-splash pool glittering with a bluish tinge in an area which is well-lit and also allows natural light so, the feeling of being boxed in is certainly not there. Their seating styles are non-fussy despite the grandeur of the pool and a diligent bunch of service staff cater to the buzzing customers' needs.

The brief here is simple cafe-style food, with a slight emphasis on reinvention. The menu exudes ample charm and promises home-made goodness along with kitchen table conversation. We strike a balance by ordering from almost every section of the menu - PIZZA topped with Bell Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos, Chillies and of course Cheese. It douses all doubts with an excellent thin crust and spiced-up toppings; POTATO WEDGES with their creamy signature low-fat dip; CHEESE ONION RINGS with a unique accompaniment of Salsa; CHEESE-MIXED HERB GRILLED SANDWICH; BELL PEPPER DELIGHT PANINI; RICOTA PASTA, a heads up, this is worth giving a shot whenever you drive down there. The sauce was thrilling, tossed well with the citrusy tomatoes, leading to a pleasing meld of flavours and flawless al dente texture; and to end with a gleeful delight, BLUEBERRY PANCAKES.

While, their food seemed to satisfy our palette their, drinks did the same even more so. Their CRANBERRY ICE TEA was simple, yet elegantly served in a cute jar with lemon wedges. The NUTELLA SHAKE was thick & heavenly and had dollops of Nutella while their PEPPER MINT TEA rightly boasts of the flavour it is named after.

Apart from the food, a visit to Cafe Aqqua remains a great eating out experience from 3 to 11:30. Cheers.

Address: Cafe Aqqua, 50, Near National Nursery, Satyam House Lane, behind Rajpath Club, off S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad

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