Relax your collars at Sphere Lounge!

Cuisines: Pizza, American, Fast Food, Finger Food, Beverages

Filters: With Bar, Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating, Wi-Fi / Internet, Dine-in

Attributes: Lively

Nobody thoroughly knows as to what makes a cafe better than the new one which opened a few weeks ago a block away.

What I think is, that there is a three-pronged formula; the main highlight being the ambiance & set-up, close second is the service and lastly a well worked out menu. SPHERE LOUNGE at Ramada Hotel is bang on when it comes to my perspective of an apt cafe, where I headed yet again to try some new fares.

Several previous visits to the cafe have made us save time and jump straight to the menu. Cucumber Mint Mojito, Irish Iced Latte, Mint Mocha, Choconut, Mexican Panini, Cheese Garlic Fries, Exotic Veg Pizza and Vegetable Maggi were our choice to try that evening.

While the MINT MOCHA and IRISH ICED LATTE might tend to vary as per different palettes, we ended up smacking our lips at the freshness of the CUCUMBER MINT MOJITA as well as the chocolate goodness of the CHOCONUT. An EXOTIC VEG MAGGI is definitely not something new but, the refinement of the ingredients makes it a winner. The CHEESE GARLIC FRIES are plate loaded with Cheese-Garlic-Fries, nothing fancy but, you might fancy digging in. The MEXICAN PANINI comes elaborated plated, served with an accompaniment of salsa and the filling inside the panini is extremely overwhelming. THE EXOTIC VEG PIZZA, arrives piping hot and is just about everything that we would expect out of Sphere Lounge.

With the sublime weather that we have on our hands, we could sit there for hours. There's something inherently appealing about SPHERE LOUNGE with its minimal yet comfortable appeal. Cheers.

Address: Sphere Lounge, Hotel Ramada, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad

Timings: After 6 pm

Contact: +91-9033461923

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