Relish astounding wraps and shakes @ WRAPICO

Sunlit windows, Cozy ambience, mouth watering shakes, wraps, sandwiches and pizzas, aromatic imported Arabian coffees, free wifi and a snug book corner. Enticed much? Well, we are talking about the newly launched WRAPICO, a one stop solution to quench all your hunger and cravings from A to Z at just one go!

From the moment you step in, you will be greeted by a courteous staff and a hygienic open kitchen that will make you curious enough to stand there and watch the entire cooking process unwrap (Get the pun?) in amazement. The serene wall colours and frames will soothe your eyes and transport you into a calm and composed state of mind.

Now talking about the food, besides their massive menu, the cafe also has an option of making your own wraps, paninis and pizzas by choosing the bases and toppings of your choice, ensuring that they cater to all types of personalities and taste palates.

 Our culinary expedition comprise of the PAN KI TIKKI WRAP: their own in-house twist on the traditional pan, a COTTAGE CHEESE BBQ PIZZA with a scrumptious base and just the right amount of gooey cheese that will make your heart melt right at the very first bite, the quintessential PASTA ARRABIATA for those who don’t want to experiment, MOZARELLA NACHO FRIES: yet another house speciality that has piping hot cheese coated with Nachos crumb; providing a fresh new take on the same old boring mozzarella fries and TEX MEX PANINI that is a beautiful amalgamation of various Mexican sauces and vegetables.

Their beverage options have a wide array of rich and flavoursome imported coffees, the best of them being CAFE MOCHA HOT without a doubt. The luscious CRANBERRY AND CHEEESE SHAKE and the LINDT SWISS DARK CHOCOLATE SHAKE WITH COFFEE are worth mentioning because of their rich, creamy textures and the astounding taste.  

Saving THE BEST for the last, they have their very singularly exclusive and jaw droppingly tasty DATE PANCAKES WITH VANILLA ICECREAM. Coming from someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all, this dessert is absolutely mind boggling and will change your opinion in a jiffy! I cannot rave enough about this but YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! (You’ll thank me later, for sure!)

With movie screenings and live music starting from this weekend, this place is a must go for the upcoming holiday season! Cheers!

Address: A-9,Shilp aaron,Sindhu Bhavan road,bodakdev.
Phone: 9723333338

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