Renesa: Head to Happiness

'Renesa', derived from Renaissance; implies revival, rebirth or a new beginning though reconstruction. Maruti Group have achieved the explicit with a new scheme to bring you joys of convenient living along-with the luxury of serene surrounding. This 3 & 4 BHK lifestyle apartments at Ambavadi designed by Architect Apurva Amin. Every apartment of Renesa is a proper ornament in the grandeur of the most satisfying lifestyle. 

Records are hard to make and that is precisely why the award winning Maruti Group strives to maintain the majesty of its own record and constantly dare to do something solid, beautiful, satisfying, elegant and magnificent.  Ever project carries with itself the finesse of brand Maruti. If the trust of home buyers is counted then Maruti is a very rich company. For all of you planning to shift to a new high-end apartment, 'Renesa' is something which stands out. Placed in Ambavadi, just about everything is a teensy drive away; Ambavadi is the focal point for everything, be it the old city or the S.G. Highway, the University or your recreational clubs, its all within a comfortable reach.
The 6 floor tall Renesa stands elegantly with its 2 beautifully constructed penthouses with their exquisite amenities. Picture yourself on the top in the heart of city. Head over to Renesa and check out their sample apartment to be overpowered by something very very pleasant. If happiness is to get dissolved into something great then nothing can beat Renesa. Head to Renesa, Head to happiness.

 Address: Renesa, besides Polytechnic College, opposite lane to CIty Corner Restaurant, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9909923456

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