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Introducing ToyMahal for those who want their kids to have more & the best ...

If there is anything that a kid desperately wishes to have, other than your company, its the company of their toys. I mean trust me (I have twins and hence can say), its lovely to watch your kids play with different toys everyday. The seriousness on their face while solving a puzzle or  the love when they comb their Barbie or the triumph of finally creating a Taj Mahal out of the blocks! That's Priceless. And then give them a new toy - they are even happier. Wish you could gift them a new toy everytime they demanded? But oh are they expensive. You bet!

And hence introducing ToyMahal - a one of its kind concept, where you can rent (and thankfully not buy).

So yes, there are other toy rent companies in Ahmedabad but nothing like ToyMahal : The types & kinds, the quality & quantity, the cost & convenience and then the love & affection!

Now now, dont underestimate me when I say "toys". Yes, they do have those amazing & unique small toys; toys that you would want to play with yourselves too. But but ... they have a few that you never thought you can rent out on a regular day - How about renting a slide, or a tent or a car they can 'really' drive, or a  piano, a kiddy laptop, or how about a swing? Yup, yup. And these are just examples. The range, as I stated earlier, is heeuuggee! ToyMahal also boasts of an array of different types of books.

ToyMahal tops up the range with the quality by ensuring that the products are clean, safe and non-toxic. And then they ensure they deliver on your doorstep at no extra cost. Book them online or call them or though you can deliver online, you can pick 'em up too.

They have different packages for renting toys, namely :

  - Chotta Bheem starting with Rs. 500 per month to Rs. 5200 per annum.

  - Doraemon starting with Rs. 700 a month to Rs. 7600 per annum.

  - Tom & Jerry starting with Rs. 1000 to Rs. 11000 per annum.

For more info visit them on 






AHMADABAD -380015.

Contact: + 91 9898969594


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