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Planes, trains, trucks and toys
There’s nothing like your little boy
Dolls, barbies or teddies to curl
There’s nothing like your little girl
When their teeny tiny finger is hooked to that Doraemon
You know it is all they want
How can you say no to your bundle of joy
Give them all and more… rent that beloved toy!
Yes! TOY MAHAL is city’s coolest kiddie library
Where its not books up for rent, but slides, see-saws & fairies
A lalaland for kids this one
Their huge collection is total fun!
Big or small, cuddly or talking
Here you’ll even find Chota Bheem walking…
Folks at Toy Mahal understand your view
And they also know what your kids mean to you
All innocent, nothing mean
These toys are totally safe, totally clean
Without any extra pay or prep
Have the toys delivered to your doorstep!
We know your girl sleeps with her furry bear
Rent for a month or rent for a year
But if it is bear today and doll tomorrow
Don’t buy the doll, just simply borrow
Friendly to your budget, friendly to your pocket
Worth that priceless smile of your lil rocket
Don’t make the kids resist their temptation and joy
Visit TOY MAHAL to get them their wishlist of toys!

Address: Toy Mahal, Showroom no, 57, Titanium City Center Mall, near Sachin Towers, Anandnagar Road, Ahmedabad - 380015

Contact: +91-9898969594 | +91-7383872000

For more info you can visit them on 
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