Restaurants open till Midnight

Midnight Street Joints

If you are burning the midnight oil or simply nocturnal by habit or love a post party snack, Ahmedabad is all set to you offer you something to munch on! Yup, CityShor has compiled this list especially for you & promise to be super light on your pocket. So here are a few exciting roadside joints which are open till wee hours in night.

-Opp. VS Hospital – Ketanbhai’s cheese chutney bun with a steaming cup of tea and next day’s news paper in hand.

-The stalls outside NHL – Get Tea, Coffee, Omelets, Maskabun and well actually, they have everything.

-Iscon Gathiyawala opp Karnavati, SG Rd,Ahmedabad – Enjoy their Gathiya, Tea, Jalebi, RK’s egg (if you are lucky).

-A bunch of cafes opp to vodafone house, SG Rd,Ahmedabad – Savor maggi, pasta, cold coffee, hot coffee, tea etc.

-Baba Ramdev Dhaba opp YMCA, Ahmedabad: Order anything from their big menu list and it’ll be served. Sabzi, Roti, Snacks, Tea etc.

-The mess inside CEPT boy’s hostel A.K.A Negi’s mess – The half fry maggi there is out of the world and it open till 2am. You can just drive in through the gate opposite Ravindra Omelette center and straight ahead till the lane ends.

-An NIDian who sells Maskabun – You have to call (9998850056) and place the order and go collect it from the campus. What’s special about these maskabuns is the flavors. To name a few, maskabun with mustard sauce, peanut butter, mayo etc.

-Kalupur Rly station, Ahmedabad – Open every single day and every single hour, this is the only place which will never fail you. A gazillion stalls outside and inside the station promise to satisfy your taste buds.

-Airport, Ahmedabad – There are quite a few on the main road as well as inside. You can hit the international airport also for Samosas, puff, coffee, tea, cold-drinks etc :). Yes, you may have to pay for the parking there but hello, it’s worth it!

So next time you have some “mice running about in your tummy” at unearthly hours, you know exactly which road to take! Also, if you know more nightspots, comment here and we will add it up in the article.

Article edited by : Sagar Dave

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