Revamp personal spaces with interiors by SCOPE UNLIMITED

Attributes: Furniture, Kitchen and Dining, Cupboard, Storage, Tables, Others

We all want our dream house or office to be done up and designed to our own penchant, don’t we? We at CityShor also understand your frustration and despair at not being able to find the perfect company that shares your passion for perfection alike; exactly the reason why we cannot stop raving about SCOPE UNLIMITED with the hope that the word will reach to every tiny little corner of this city.

A well known name in the field of residential and corporate interior designing, this brilliantly unique company strives to create distinctive spaces with effortlessly simple, hassle free and functional designs for any and every sort of personal or work space. With their abundant pre existing knowledge base in the fields of interior, decor and furnishings along with time tested pre deadline delivery, this firm aims at sprucing up establishments of any type under any sort of pre-decided budget; rightly making it known across the city as THE ONE STOP SOLUTION for satiating all interior and design needs considerably well!

SCOPE UNLIMITED provides numerous interior possibilities suited to your lifestyle, budget and sensibilities using the best of the finesse in all their modern machinery. They have various options for literally everyone ranging from aesthetically calm to quirky; ensuring that you get a fresh new insight and a result much better than the other competitors!

Every one of their projects reflects true individuality and panache. Take the farmhouse in the above images for example. This exquisite prototype, situated in an almost oasis like open space has been designed using solid wood in major proportion as per the client’s tropical taste. Be it the living room, the chic kitchen or the bedroom, every single nook and corner echoes true elan and flamboyance, ready to stun your guests from the first step in.

With all of these to offer and more, SCOPE UNLIMITED should be your only choice the next time you want to give your home sweet home a simple yet artistic upgrade. Cheers! 


Address: 915, Shiromani Complex, Opp. Oceanpark, Satellite.
Contact: +91-079-26751844, +91-079-26761844, +91-9157348234



Tags: Revamp personal spaces with interiors by SCOPE UNLIMITED

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