Riddhi Trivedi - She has achieved her passion!

To what extent have you gone for your passion? Well, it’s not easy to achieve what you always wanted but some people know how to achieve their dreams. Here’s a story about Riddhi Trivedi, the lady who has a different passion altogether. While working for corporate she was a training manager and now also she trains but you’ll be shock to know who gets trained by her!

So Riddhi is an animal lover in true sense. Who can leave a well settled job and start living for some other species? Yes, many of us have dogs, cats and birds at home but do we leave everything for them? I don’t really think so! But Riddhi, she left her job for her passion for Birds & Dogs. While we entered her house, we could only here the chirping. The weather was warm but the fans were off because of the birds around everywhere. She said, “Sorry for the temperature, I have to maintain it for them.” That actually felt too good and I being an animal lover, got lost in those chirping sounds. I forgot that I have to discuss a lot of things with her.

All we could see there was the love between the birds and her! Riddhi told us a lot of things about how this different species can help groom your child, how it can be a stress buster, how lovable you feel when you walk in to your house and the talk was never ending. And that’s actually the fact! Do you know that same as human babies, animals are also the best for stress buster and bringing happiness? Well, people who love and have dogs or birds would know this but people who don’t own them; you really need to know this. They are same as having a baby. At least for me my dog is my daughter. Getting diverted here!

Coming back to the point, Riddhi raises those cute birds and trains them. And we could see how well they were trained and with all love they would want. We saw smallest of baby birds to grown-ups and the love between the two (Riddhi & the birds) was remarkable. She started this a year ago and no she didn’t get any training for this. It was all out of love and self learnt. Once they are trained, they are up for adoption and anyone who loves birds can adopt them from Riddhi. The birds she owns are African Grey, Green Chick Conure, Sun Conure, Love Birds, Cokoteil and many more.

And guess what? We thought we were done seeing the birds and were to say bye to her. She said, “Hold on, I have a dog and white mice too.” Were we shocked when she said this? Well, let’s ask you, are you shocked to know this? Yes, the same expressions we had when we saw a huge Labrador dog coming out of another room and in her hand it was that li’l white mice. Then was the moment when all the respect for her went higher and higher. A true lover we can say!

You can contact her for birds adoption on +9198795 77914. 

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