Rio 2 Movie review

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Rio 2 Movie Review

Well, the movie has everything ! The best animation, beautifully choreographed songs & dances, amazingly hairstyled birds, love story, fun elements and many villains. Well yes, don’t expect the story to be unpredictable or new. Rio 2 is a fun to watch with nothing new in the story line but for kids it’s a delight to watch. This sequel is as good as the first one and should surely be seen by both parents and the kids!

This time it’s a delight to watch the beauty of Amazon jungle and not the city Rio de Janereo!

So the story goes like this, Blu and Jewel live their life like humans with their three kids in Rio de Janerio. Well, they are exactly like us. Making Pancakes, use iPod, GPS and what not! In short it seems to be a life of birds following latest trends & generation.

They see their human friends Tulio & his wife Linda (from first part of Rio) on TV and find out that there is a huge flock in the Amazon Jungle and they are not alone. Convincing Blu (the husband) takes a troll for Jewel (wife)but the journey to the Amazon starts with the kids and old buddies Rafael(with yello beak), Nico(yellow Tweety bird) and Pedro(Red faced). Don’t miss the funny Fanny pack and GPS Navigator that Blu carries with him!

And the buddies actually join for a mission to find a perfect talent for the next carnival. Well, this audition; it’s all together a different fun story in this movie.

Story can’t be happy-happy always! Many plots and old/new villains get together in this journey. One is old villain Nigel the dirty bird who follows Blu with a beautiful pinky poisonous frog and the humans who are illegal loggers. Must say that with just one villain the movie could have been much better though!

Anyways, the daughter meets father and old buddies and the celebration of Blue Macaws start. The songs, the dances, the beautiful Amazon jungle, the audition for the next carnival and a game cum war between red & Blue macaw would fill up all the loop holes of the movie!

Kids would definitely love this movie and so do the parents!

We give it 4 shors out of 5.

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