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Lots of fish upon the tide
they go swimming side by side
underwater they abide
and on the waves they ride
tank you, tank you, tank you
we told the fish, the wonderful fish
You always wanted to keep those beautiful colored little fishes at home. Feed them. Look at them. Tap on the glass and see their reaction. Isn’t it? Aren’t they really stress buster? If superstitions & Vaastu are anything to go by, they say it’s a good omen to keep fishes at home. It brings prosperity. We don’t know about that but what we know is – it’s a pleasure to pet the fishes at home. If you have kids, trust me this could be the best pet gift so far :)

Yes, we all know of the Aquarium stores but how many of us would know of a street side aquarium vendor? We spotted Anilbhai with his range of aquariums at Bhukkad Gali. Rates along with fishes & equipments etc moves anywhere from 200/- to 1200/-.

Check out the pics for rates & descriptions.

Call Anilbhai on 9979972846 or

visit in person
Opp AG School, Bhukkad Gali,
in lane next to CEPT that goes towards HL,
Off University Road, Ahmedabad

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