Roar The Tigers of Sundarbans Movie Review

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Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans

The film claims to have not hurt any animals while shooting this movie - but what about the poor audience? Well this line says it all for the movie; however, there are few things which are absolutely stunning. 

The movie introduces beauty of Sundarbans to masses of India. Stunning shots of its natural beauty surely will lure you to visit this place and travel to those aloof places to enjoy your vacations. But then its not a documentary and you ought to expect a beautiful story line, Man Vs. Animal fight and struggle and overall an interesting plot to make you sit for those endless hours.  

Beauty of Sundarbans just cannot compensate for the lack of consistency and logic in the plot. The acting is amateurish added with unnecessary cleavage show. Attempts to add commercial glamour was downright clumsy and cheesy.

Bothered to read the plot: Mr. X saved a cub who gets killed by Mother Tiger. Resolving to avenge his animal-loving brother’s death, Mr. Commando forms the most moronic plan and team possible. He hires a local and a tracker to kill this rare white tigress. No prizes for right guess... entire team (except the lead ones) - exactly one by one - how unique - huh? gets finished when they were in the process of hunting the white tigress. 

The film roar doesn't deserve a visit as you can see the beauty of Sundarbans on other video sites. 

Overall 2 shors - largely for its Cinematography.

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